How To Use iCloud Storage with the iPad

How does iCloud work?

Keeping your data in sync with your computer, phone and tablet can be a big hassle. Transferring files from device to device is a very time consuming process that isn’t fun for anyone.

Thanks to iCloud physically plugging your different devices in so you can sync them has become a thing of the past.

Apple’s iCloud is a web-based service that stores data and syncs it across multiple devices. Your emails, contacts, calendars, and photos can be easily shared on your computer, iPhone and iPad thanks to iCloud. With iCloud enabled on your devices anytime you make a change on an iCloud device all of your other iCloud enable devices will be updated automatically.

In order to use iCloud on iPad you must be running iOS 5 or higher. If you want to sync your iTunes with iCloud you must be using iTunes 10.5 or higher.

Is iCloud free?

Yes, every user of the iCloud service gets 5 GB of storage for free. If you need extra storage, you need to pay yearly fees acording to the size of storage you need.

How To Set Up iCloud

If you are running iOS 5 or higher on your iPad then iCloud should already be built in. What that means is that you won’t need to install iCloud all you have to do from that point is sync it to your iPad and any other devices you might want to use with iCloud. From here your next step is to configure any features that you will want to share automatically and wirelessly across your devices. Let’s get started.

The first step here is to go to the settings app. The icon for the settings app is silver and has a picture of a gear on it.

Once you are in the settings menu scroll down until you see iCloud. The icon for iCloud will be silver with a picture of a cloud on it.

You may have already setup iCloud when you went through the initial setup for your professional iPad. If this is not the case you will need to sign in. In order to sign in you have to tap the account field and from there enter your Apple ID.

Once you have entered your Apple ID you are then free to scroll down and browse all of the different options you have as far as syncing goes. You will see options for mail, contacts, reminders, notes and many other options. In order to sync any of these features with iCloud you must move the slider to on for whichever feature you wish to use.

When you scroll to the very bottom of the screen you notice an option for Storage & Backup. This option is available for you to backup any data on your iPad or iOS device to iCloud. Using iCloud Storage & Backup is highly recommended as it will make it much easier when you need to restore a device wirelessly. Once again if you want to turn this option on simply move to slider to the on position.

Setting up iCloud is a pretty easy process as you can see. There is no doubt that once you see just how convenient iCloud is and how much easier it makes your life you will wonder how you ever lived without it. Make sure to utilize the Storage & Backup as it will come in handy not only when you need to restore a device but also when you update iOS.

Get in the habit of backing up your data to iCloud frequently so that in the event that anything should get erased from your device you will always be able to recover it. Well that about covers it for iCloud. Now that you’ve got yourself set up it’s time to enjoy the benefits of all your information being synced wirelessly, automatically and effortlessly.

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