iMessage iPad Tutorial – How to set up iMessage

How To Setup iMessage on the iPad

If you are new to the world of iPad or iOS devices in general you might not be familiar with iMessage. If you are new to iMessage then you are definitely in for a treat and if you are familiar with it you should already know that it is one of the most convenient apps available right now.

When it comes to messaging services iMessage is in a league of its own. Sending texts, photos and links has never been easier. Just about anything you can think of or anyone you may want to talk to is available to you right at your fingertips.

iMessage iPad Setup

Setting up iMessage is a pretty quick task that is fairly painless. The iPad aims to be easy to use and it succeeds. No need to worry about spending hours just to set up one simple app because you will be able to set this one up in seconds. We are going to make it easy for you and by the end of this tutorial you will be able to send any type of message you want with iMessage. Let’s take a look at the steps you are going to go through when setting up iMessage.

1. First thing you are going to want to do is take a look at the home screen on your iPad. You should see an app called “settings” and it will be grey/metallic colored with a picture that looks like a gear turning. The next step here is to click on that app.

2. When the settings screen opens up you are presented with two menu bars. The menu bar on the left will show you which app you are viewing the settings for and the menu bar on the right will show you all of the different settings for that particular app. You are going to want to scroll down the menu bar on the left until you come to an app that says messages. The app will be colored green with a little word bubble in it. Click on that green box that says messages.

3. Once you open up the iMessage options the first option at the top will be a swipe bar that allows you to turn on iMessage make sure that it is set to on. If you look a little bit further down the right menu bar you should see an option that says “send & receive” where you will see your Apple ID e-mail address listed. You are now set up to send and receive iMessages through your iPad.

4. If you would like to add another e-mail address to use iMessage with besides your Apple ID simply click on your Apple ID where it says “send & receive” and it will bring you to a new menu. In this new menu you will have the option to add another e-mail address. Go ahead and add another one if you want to by clicking “add another email” then you will receive a verification e-mail at that address. After you verify your new e-mail address you will be able to receive iMessages at that address as well as your Apple ID address.


See how easy that was? It was as simple as one, two, three and four was optional. Lucky for you iMessage will keep you connected to all of your friends and family at all times so long as you have your iPad with you but beware because once you start using it you are bound to get hooked. Now that you have your iMessage account all set up why don’t you give it a test drive and send a message to a friend

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