Pages, the Word app for iPad

What is pages? Pages is a great and easy to use word processing app that is exclusively designed for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. With pages you can create stylish easy to read word documents. Just like many other apps made for the iPad pages is intuitive and user friendly which means you will be able to pick it up and use it in no time at all. Let’s take a look at how easy it is to use pages.

Getting Started with Pages

When you first open pages it will bring you to the home menu. If you want to get started with creating a new document look in the top left corner for a plus sign. Once you tap the plus sign and the drop down menu appears chose create document.

After you tap create document you will be brought to a new menu where you can choose from several different document templates such as blank, classic letter, formal letter, and modern photo letter.


For the purpose of getting started select the blank template. Once the blank template is open you will notice the keyboard appears at the bottom of the screen. You may find it easier to position your iPad in the landscape orientation as it makes the keyboard wider and easier to type on.

When the blank template opens up you will notice a dark brown bar at the top of the screen and a narrow orange bar directly underneath it. When you tap the narrow orange bar another menu will drop down that will allow you to choose what type of font you want to use, adjust the size of the font, make text bold or italic and adjust the ruler. To close the toolbar simply look in the upper right hand corner of the toolbar and you will notice a button with an x on it. Press the button and the toolbar will close.

Typing – Word processing on iPad

After you have selected the font for your word document you can then begin typing. You may notices that when you type on the iPad keyboard you will hear a noise every time a key on the keyboard is pressed. If you want to turn this sound effect off just press the home button and tap on your settings icon. Select sounds from the menu bar on the left. You will notice on the right side of the menu that there is an option for keyboard clicks and you will want to slide that to off.

Copy And Paste

If you want to copy a word or many words simply start by tapping the word you want to copy. You will notice after you tap the word that a black menu bar will appear and the words will turn blue with two handles at each end of the word. You can select more words by dragging each handle over the words you want to copy. When the words are selected they will be highlighted in blue.

Once you have selected the words you want to copy all you have to do from there is tap the word copy in the black menu bar that appeared when you first selected a word. In order to paste your copied words press your finger on the screen and hold it where you want to paste the words. A magnifying glass will appear to show you exactly where you are on the document and you can drag the magnifying glass to change your position. Once you have selected your position all you have to do is tap paste in the black menu bar.

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